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EPSOC Athletics

Elk Plain’s small size and lack of athletic facilities precludes us from providing school sports. To make up for this, our students in grades 6-8 may join their residential school’s teams. If your student in grades 6 - 8 is interested in turning out at their residential school’s teams, here’s how to sign up:

1. Make sure to schedule an Athletic Physical with a Health Care Provider well in advance of the season starting. The district has a form to bring with you that can be accessed by clicking on this link, or by going to the District Webpage, click on ‘Programs and Departments’, then ‘Athletics’ ‘Handbook and Physical Form’.

2. Review the Athletic Handbook available through the district website (see step one above).

3. Follow the directions below to fill out the online form. These are also available on the district website.

How to Sign up for Sports

For all students enrolled in the Bethel School District

○ Sign into ParentVUE

○ Click on School Links on the far left sidebar menu

○ Choose Athletic Registration Forms

Follow the steps on the next page to complete registration, and upload any necessary documents required. For Elk Plain students, register with your school of residency (neighborhood school). Tryouts will take place at your school of participation. If you don't have a ParentVUE account, click here for more information on how to sign up.

4. Check in with the front office at Elk Plain prior to the sports season started. Our office staff will help you coordinate transportation for practices and game days.

5. Elk Plain does not have up to the minute information about the other middle schools’ practice or game schedules. For school specific questions, please contact the building representative here



Elk Plain Student Athletes have 3 options for being transported for Sports.


  1. Parents provide transportation to neighborhood school (please see note below).
  2. Student rides bus to neighborhood school. NOTE: Student participants using this option may result in arriving late to practice. 
  3. Student may use the activity bus provided at their home school to get home.                                                                                                   

Notes on Parent Transportation

  • Student Athletes will be released from their final class of the day 10 minutes early so that they can get ready and/or be picked up.
  • Parents picking up student athletes may park in the grass parking lot just west of the portables. This will allow easy access in and out. Students may go directly to their parents’ car.

Transportation on Game Days

Student athletes and families will be provided with an ‘At a Glance’ calendar of competitions for the locations of all competitions during that season. The calendar will also contain a box identifying what Elk Plain bus goes to which destination. A Season Bus pass will be issued to Elk Plain Student Athletes so that they can ride any of these buses.

Parents may also choose to transport their students to competitions.

Other Things Affecting Student Athletes

Space for Changing

Changing: We will determine the space needed and adapt, with the most likely changing location being the restrooms in the portable classrooms.